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As part of the capital group, we provide a high-quality production support service that combines human work, means and objects of work, and appropriate technologies.

We offer services in the field of:

  • work on production lines - machine / device operator,
  • work at assembly stations - assembly / subassembly of parts, subassemblies and components,
  • light transport works using manual forklifts,
  • warehouse works - storage, packaging, transport,
  • maintenance works - maintenance, cleaning of machines and devices.

Entrusting us with the responsibility for delivering the right amount of properly made parts or assembled components on time allows us to maintain continuity of production while ensuring the required quality. Additional benefits for the customer are time savings and significant reduction of production costs, which we obtain thanks to the optimal selection of solutions.

  • component selection and repair,
  • finished product security,
  • residency,
  • VDA audit 6.3,
  • CSL2.

Temporary work

Temporary Employment Agency AAS Sp. z o.o. number 24292 provides assistance in the recruitment and employment of temporary workers, as well as it takes care of all related formalities. It is a kind of tripartite agreement between an employee, an employer-employment agency and a user employer-client of the employment agency.

We specialize in searching for the best talents and offering them temporary work tailored to their qualifications and the requirements of the employer. We deal with all administrative and legal issues. We connect people who bring value with companies. We protect companies against unnecessary expenses related to handling formalities.

We also offer a try & hire service - an extremely advantageous form of employment, both for the employee and the employer. At a time when not only employees' competences and qualifications are important, but also their adjustment to the organizational culture, it is the best way to make the best mutual decision and to perfectly match the candidate to the workplace. Try & hire is a modern form of employment. It gives the opportunity to check the employee's skills under a temporary employment contract, and if he meets the expectations set for him, the employer can decide to hire the person in his company, which reduces formalities and reduces employment costs.

Permanent recruitment

It is an ideal solution for companies that do not have extensive recruitment departments or want to reach a narrow group of specialists who are scarce on the labor market. As part of our capital group, we have an extensive database of candidates with various qualifications and competences. We will help you successfully recruit and create a motivated team of employees. We offer a continuous recruitment process, thanks to which we reduce the costs of our partners related to the organization of HR departments and arranging all formalities.

We use the knowledge and experience of our recruiters as well as proprietary tools and methods:

  • Recruitment: Recruitment Platform, Exact People Application, recruitment bot
  • Training and motivation: Competency Matrix, Recommendation Program, Employee Satisfaction Survey, Quality Academy
  • Involvement: CSR activities supporting local sports, social and educational projects

Own solutions

We recruit production and assembly workers, warehouse workers, forklift operators, office workers, specialists for short and long-term projects. We prepare full documentation of the orders carried out. We make every effort to employ people with appropriate competences and motivation to work.
We operate on the basis of proprietary solutions in the field of recruitment, motivating and training personnel.

Extranet 360

Our cooperation with clients is based on an advanced database - the Extranet360 system - in which the results of all work performed for the company's clients are placed. Extranet360 gives the possibility to order the service directly from the system level, as well as access to reports and various analyzes from any place and device 24/7/365.

Recruitment Platform

The Recruitment Platform is a tool that enables the efficient implementation of the on-line recruitment process. There are tens of thousands of candidates in the platform's database.

Exact People App

Exact People is a mobile application for service contractors of the capital group, which facilitates getting to know the organization, allows you to sign and extend contracts and complete all formalities related to the employment schedule.

Quality Academy

The Academy of Quality is an innovative educational project educating service contractors, employees and clients of the capital group in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia and Hungary.

Recommendation program
A system that engages employees in the recruitment and image-building activities of the company.

Employee satisfaction surveys
It allows to respond to the changing needs of the staff.

Competence matrix
It gives the opportunity to raise competences and to be promoted within the company's structures.

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